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If Medicare is confusing to you, then you are with the wrong agent. At Senior Benefit Solutions, we will take all the time needed to break down any issues with questions you have and explain to them until you understand completely.

Original Medicare

Medicare is a government-administered program that provides medical benefits to people who are 65 or older in the United States. It also offers coverage for those younger than age 65 who have disabilities, certain conditions like End-Stage Renal Disease.

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Medicare Supplements

Medicare supplements are also called Medigap plans. These plans were created to help cover the “gaps” in Original Medicare. Parts A and B only cover up to 80% of your expenses, so a Medigap plan is used to pick up the leftover 20%.

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Medicare Advantage

Medicare Part C is also referred to as Medicare Advantage or MA for short. Private insurance companies offer these plans that the federal government has authorized to issue policies.

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