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Author: Benji Crooms

Good mood in the morning is essential knowing the four Parts of Medicare
Medicare Advantage

What Are the Parts of Medicare?

Parts of Medicare – The Medicare program consists of four parts, plus some extra products that can be very beneficial. In order to choose which

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Female Doctor Explaining Report To Patient In Clinic what Medigap Plan G covers
Medigap Plan G

What Does Medigap Plan G Cover?

Medigap Plan G – Plan G is one of ten Medicare supplements available to Medicare beneficiaries. It’s also one of the most popular supplements since

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Medicare Advantage on pink background 115
Medicare Advantage

What Is Medicare Advantage?

What Is Medicare Advantage – Medicare Advantage is probably one of the most advertised parts of Medicare, but also the one that takes the most

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Senior man explaining underwriting to female friend as they share coffee.
Original Medicare

Understanding Underwriting

Understanding The Process Endless phone calls, mile-high stacks of mail, paid talking heads on TV all telling you they can save you money. Saving money

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