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Senior businessman looking over plan F medicare on his laptop
Medicare Supplements

Medigap Plan F

Medicare supplement Plan F has been the most popular Medigap choice among beneficiaries for the last decade. It remains one of the most popular choices

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Asian couple excited with the Medicare Plan that their Medicare Agent got them.
Medicare Advantage

What Do Medicare Agents Do?

A Medicare agent’s goal is to educate you on your Medicare options so that you can make informed decisions about your healthcare coverage. Medicare is

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Georgia capitol building where many of Georgia's medicare benefits are discussed.
Medicare Part A

Statesboro, Georgia Medicare

If you are searching for Medicare options in Statesboro, Georgia, you’ve found it! Whether you are just beginning your Medicare journey or you’ve been in

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Original Medicare

Metter, Georgia Medicare

If you are looking for Medicare in Metter, Georgia, look no further! Whether you are a seasoned Medicare beneficiary or brand new to the program,

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Unhappy senior woman thinking about excess charges for Medicare Plan B.
Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B Excess Charges

Most patients won’t have any issues with Medicare Part B excess charges. However, that does not mean you shouldn’t be prepared if this situation comes

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