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Medicare Part C

Senior Benefit Solutions Medicare Part C

Medicare Part C is also referred to as Medicare Advantage or MA for short. Private insurance companies offer these plans that the federal government has authorized to issue policies.

These plans bundle coverage from Parts A and B. However, you will contact an agency to enroll, not the social security office.

What does Medicare Advantage cover?

Medicare Advantage plans combine the coverage of Parts A and B and also add in extra benefits like dental, vision, and hearing coverage, housekeeping services, caregiver counseling and training, and prescription drug coverage.

None of those services are covered by Original Medicare.

What does Medicare Part C Cost?

The cost of Part C plans varies based on several factors. Location, carrier, gender, tobacco use, and age are just some of the factors that go into setting a rate for Part C. Some MA plans come at no cost to the member.

If you’re considering a Part C plan, definitely talk to one of our trained agents.

Medicare Part C enrollment periods

The first time individuals can enroll in Part C is when they have been enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B. This is called the Initial Election Period. Special Election Periods also apply to members who meet specific requirements. The Annual Election Period occurs each year from October 12 – December 7. During this time, all members can make changes to their current plan. The new plan becomes effective January 1.

Weekly planner showing the effective date Medicare Part C enrollment periods.
The new plan becomes effective January 1.

Am I eligible for Medicare Part C?

All Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Part A, and Part B are eligible to enroll in Medicare Part C.

The only exception is those with End-Stage Renal Disease. These individuals are not eligible for a Part C plan.

What Will I Pay Out-Of-Pocket For Medicare Advantage?

Unlike Original Medicare, all Medicare Advantage plans have an out-of-pocket maximum. Each plan can set its own maximum, but that amount cannot exceed $6700 as of 2021. This maximum can change each year.

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